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FaceTime Alternatives For Android Phone

Apple’s FaceTime is a versatile and popular method to make video and sound calls—but what if you’re on Android? What can you use then? Luckily, there are a number of amazing choices to FaceTime Apk which will work on your Android phone, and many of them are free. Here are 10 that’ll assist you to keep in contact with friends, whether you would like to discuss, see each other, or just send messages.

1. Google Hangouts

Google’s own messenger service, Hangouts, is one of the very best methods to remain in touch with friends on Android. You can send Hangouts messages or text messages via the program, call any phone number in the world (using the related Hangouts Dialer program), and get free voice and video calls to other users of Hangouts. You can also link it to your Google Voice account for voicemail and calling integration.

With video and sound calling; messaging abilities; easy sending of GIFs, cartoons, stickers, and maps, and a price tag of $0, Hangouts is a great option for Android users who need the ability to speak in many various ways with other Android users. Its capability to send textual messages and incorporate with your telephone and voicemail set it apart from the small extent of FaceTime. It’s easy to convince friends and family to download a free app, and you will even make calls to regular phone numbers. On Android, Hangouts is tough to overcome.

2. Facebook Messenger

Nearly as omnipresent as Google Hangouts is Facebook Messenger, Facebook’s built in communication tool. Along with video calls (accessible generally in most countries), it offers instant messaging and VoIP sound calling abilities, and because just about everyone uses Facebook, it’s easy to get in touch with your friends. You may even send messages to individuals who aren’t in your Facebook friends list with the addition of their phone number.

You can share photos and videos through the instant messaging service, see when people have read your messages, create groups for typically contacted friends, and even create shortcuts to get to dialogs from your house display. If nearly all of your friends are on Facebook, Messenger can serve as your go to communication app on Android. The capability to get in touch with anyone in your Facebook friends list makes Messenger a better bet than FaceTime for a lot of people.

3. Skype

Everyone knows Skype—it’s the biggest name in video calling, and it has a ton of cool features. The Android program gives the video and sound telephoning that you’re used to on your own personal computer, as well as instant messaging so you can remain connected with your friends no matter whether they’re online or not. Because so many folks possess the Skype app on their phones, it may even replace text messaging for communicating with a large amount of your friends.

You may also telephone cellular and landline numbers with Skype, meaning you’ll be able to speak to people who don’t possess the program. The per-minute cost is quite low, so in case you don’t make many calls, you may use it to supplement a very small talk plan from your provider. The cellular app even enables you to send recorded video messages your buddies can watch after. And, needless to say, it’s available on certainly every platform, in order to use it across all of your apparatus instead of being limited to only Apple-made products.

4. Viber

When messaging apps began getting popular, Viber was a front runner; the app has built on its initial popularity and become a more fully featured communications program that can simply replace FaceTime for several users. It’s possible for you to make free video and sound calls, send messages, and even share where you are via the program.

Viber Outside enables you to phone non-Viber users on their mobile or landline numbers with low rates, similar to Skype. Viber’s primary benefit is the fact that it’s already quite popular, so if you’re looking to download an app that your buddies will likely have, Viber is a superb stake. The program is free, also, so you could test it out before committing to making it your primary communication program.

5. ooVoo

Originally a video-calling program, ooVoo has grown to offer a broad range of useful communication attributes for users of the app. Free audio and video calls to other users, the capacity to purchase credits to call other numbers in over 70 countries (the full list can be found from ooVoo), and text messaging are all contained. You can have multi-way video calls with up to 12 people, making ooVoo good for video conferencing as well as regular chatting.

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