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My New Website…Finally!

Hi Folks –

Finally, after much prodding from my family, girlfriend, and friends, I have a website!  It’s in the beginning stages, but eventually this site will be a place where you can look at my gallery of photographs, purchase prints, keep up to date on what’s happening in Yosemite photographically, and read my latest musings.  Thanks so much for all the support you’ve given me throughout the years and I look forward to the progression of my photographic career!!

Here’s my latest photograph, Taken June 15th.  Yosemite Valley in early Summer dawns a green coat.  All the meadows, laden with water from the Spring snow melt, transform from dead brown to a very live green color.  This year, however, we had less-than-normal precipitation, along with a warm Spring, resulting in snow melting in the high country nearly a month ahead of schedule.  This was in stark contrast to last year’s record snowfall, which resulted in an extended Winter and Spring.  I looked at the water stats from last year on June 16th, versus this year – what a difference!  The Merced River on June 16th of last year was predicted to be at its flood stage level of 10ft.  Litig Meadow (S.W. of Yosemite Lodge) looked like a lake and the river was inches below Swinging Bridge, with very swift water running underneath.  This year by comparison – the Merced River was just under 3 feet!

On June 15th, we had a thunderstorm roll through the Valley.  I usually get excited, hoping for a unique, cloudy sunset to photograph.  The clouds went away before sunset, so I decided to try to find something unique anyways.  I went up-river from Swinging Bridge to find Sentinel Rock nicely reflected in the Merced, with the water low enough to see riverbed rocks within the reflection.  I had to move quickly before the light left the top of Sentinel, but was able to compose and snap off a few exposures.  I love the layers of colors and rocks!

Check back soon as I begin writing about my trip to the Lyell Glacier in early July with park geologist Greg Stock.   I’m very excited to be a part of his group, but mostly excited to see for the first time one of Yosemite’s remaining glaciers.  Yes…photographs will be taken!!



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