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River Appears to Top Out

This morning’s update:

Woke up this morning to see the Merced River appearing to be just passed it’s max height.  The graph above shows 12.68 feet.  The graph appears to be headed down.

Here’s where the water topped out (around midnight according to NPS) at the Phono Gauging Station:


Just poked my head outside and it’s still raining consistently.  My guess is that the snow level has dropped a fair amount.  My one piece of equipment – my iPhone – has decided not to work, so I can’t look at my radar app to confirm the snow level drop.  If true, this would lock much of the rain coming down now as snow in the backcountry, which wasn’t the case 24 hours ago.

So, it appears the worst might be over.  The roads have some flooding right now, but the water will most likely recede quickly.  Good News!!

Because my phone is inoperative, I unfortunately can’t access the videos I took yesterday.  Very sad.  I will most likely go out and take more photographs this morning and survey the flooding.



Storm Day 2: Water Rising But not as much as predicted

Update, January 8th, 6pm:

The River is now just over 9.5 feet and projected to crest at just under 12 feet.  This is lower than the previous days’ predicitons.

The satellite shows another wave of heavy rain going over Yosemite and Central California right now.  We had a reprieve from rain from about 9:30am – 1:30pm or so, then it started raining again.  It’s been a steady downpour for at least two hours now.

We are supposed to have continued heavy rain for at least the next 12 hours or so:

I will be posting more videos and pics from my day out today.  It was wild!  I’ll post 1 each here now, but more to come:

Royal Arches Cascade

Day 2 of January Storm: Yosemite Falls from Kirk Keeler on Vimeo.

The River was about a foot and a half under Superintendent’s Bridge about 4:30 pm today and Cook’s meadow is beginning to pool up – even starting to look like a lake!

Check back in tomorrow as I’ll post more!



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The Blog is Back!!

Greetings! After taking quite a long time away from writing here (Almost a year and a half!), I’m back at it, recommitting to posting what I’m up to.

I thought I’d write about my experiences within the last month. As always is the case in the summer, Yosemite’s season gets into full swing and this year proved to be on par to previous. One incredible new thing I got to participate in July was being an assistant to Michael Frye in the gallery’s Hidden Yosemite workshop. This is a five-day course that puts participants into some of Yosemite’s most spectacular scenery, most of it away from the roads and where few visitors go to or even know about (thus “Hidden”…). The workshop is based out of Lee Vining, 30 minutes east of the park boundary, right next to Mono Lake. This location made it possible to also photograph locations just outside the park, in the Eastern Sierra and around Mono Lake.

Many of the staff photographers at the gallery joke that Michael Frye brings stormy weather with him to all his workshops because of the multitude of incredible shots he and his participants get of lit-up magenta clouds, storm light, etc. This week proved to be another one of those weeks and the following pictures show what we experienced during the Hidden Yosemite workshop:

Sunset Clouds Reflected in Pond, Tuolumne Meadows

Sunset Clouds Reflected in Pond, Tuolumne Meadows


Cascade and High Sierra Wildflowers, Inyo National Forest


Storm Clouds Above Gaylor Peak and Mt. Dana


Sunrise Reflection, North Peak, Hoover Wilderness


Moonrise Through Clouds, Mono Lake


I was incredibly grateful to be assisting Michael during his workshop. He has continually been an inspiration for my photography and a resource for questions I’ve had about all topics related to the camera, post-processing, and printing. Not only did he let me participate in teaching the students, but he also allowed me to take a group up to Middle Gaylor Lake for a moonset shot (a shot I’ve been wanting for quite some time!) as he took another group to photograph an alternative moonset over Tenaya Lake. Thank you Michael!!


Moonset over The Cathedral Range and Mt. Hoffman, from Middle Gaylor Lake

Guiding people in the park also increases during the summer. I did many guided sessions for people in July and it’s such a rewarding experience for me. One of my favorites was taking a teenager out for her first time in Yosemite. She will be going into an art college this fall, learning about – you guessed it – photography! We had an incredible day, as unsettled weather was in the Yosemite area, with storm clouds in the sky. We both caught this view of El Capitan and Half Dome, with a rainbow between them, from Turtleback Dome:

Rainbow Over Half Dome, from Turtleback Dome

Rainbow Over Half Dome, from Turtleback Dome

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Moving out of teaching/guiding and into personal photography, I got to spend some time in the latter part of July discovering places in Yosemite I hadn’t visited yet. I hiked a three-day backpack trip that took me from the perimeter of the Cathedral Range up to Merced Lake, one of the High Sierra Camps in the park. I didn’t get the glorious, stormy weather (I guess Michael needed to be with me for that to happen!), but I managed to find some fun compositions:

Lupine, Cathedral and Echo Peaks, Cathedral Pass

Lupine, Cathedral and Echo Peaks, Cathedral Pass

Sunset Reflection, Echo Peaks and Matthes Crest

Sunset Reflection, Echo Peaks and Matthes Crest

Rock and Grass, Sunset on Matthes Crest

Rock and Grass, Sunset on Matthes Crest

Wildflowers on Water, Merced Lake

Wildflowers on Water, Merced Lake

My favorite was coming across a scene that Ansel Adams had photographed in 1936, Juniper Cliffs and River, Upper Merced River Canyon. I’ve put his and mine together here so you can see the differences. The two most obvious to me are the taller tree to the left of the Juniper and more lichen around both trees (darker area on the rock). Otherwise, they could look almost identical. I am amazed at how little the trees really have changed.

Modern Day Juniper Cliffs and River, Upper Merced River, 2014

Modern Day Juniper Cliffs and River, Upper Merced River, 2014

Juniper Cliffs and River, Upper Merced River, Ansel Adams, ca 1936

Juniper Cliffs and River, Upper Merced River, Ansel Adams, ca 1936

Lastly, I’ll put in a few words about some fires that occured the last week in July. The El Portal Fire started July 26th, just above the town of El Portal, and quickly spread up the hill to Foresta, where fire crews did an incredible job limiting lost homes to one, possibly two. The following photos are from the last week in July:

Smokey Sunrise From Tunnel View, July 28th

Smokey Sunrise From Tunnel View, July 28th

El Capitan and Merced River, July 29th, 7:45am

El Capitan and Merced River, July 29th, 7:45am

Close-up of El Portal Fire, July 30th, 9:13pm

Close-up of El Portal Fire, July 30th, 9:13pm. White light in sky is airplane support on fire.

El Portal Fire from Hwy 120, July 30th, 10:48pm

El Portal Fire from Hwy 120, July 30th, 10:48pm

As of today (August 4), the fire is 96% contained, with cool weather and possible rain in the forecast. This bodes well for all the fires in our area, the largest being the French Fire, very near where my girlfriend Shauna Potocky lives, in Oakhurst. It is currently at 13,000 plus acres, but the cooler temps have helped fire crews start to get a handle on this fire, which was caused by careless people not properly putting out their campfire. I sure hope the rest of the summer is fire free!

I am hoping to continue with my blog series, so check in from time to time to see what I’m up to! Enjoy the rest of your summer…or winter if you live on the other half of the planet!

Latest Horsetail Fall Information

NOAA 7-day forecast calls for precipitation to descend upon Yosemite Valley beginning next Tuesday, February 19th.  This is excellent news for those of you wanting to photograph Horsetail Fall!

NOAA 7-day Forecast for Yosemite Valley from February 14 - 20.  Precipitation is expected beginning on February 19th.

NOAA 7-day Forecast for Yosemite Valley from February 14 – 20. Precipitation is expected beginning on February 19th.

I’ll try to update my blog with new pictures of the fall if conditions change.